NASA Says Shit Could Rain Over Dubai after ISS Module Breaks


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on Friday sends its highest alert in decades after one of the modules of the International Space Station (ISS), was detached from the main frame after being hit by an asteroid.

The Tranquility module, also known as Node 3 which contains the ship’s bathroom and the kitchen is expected to land on Dubai into pieces at around 9:00 am on Tuesday according to NASA calculations.

Weighing over 27,000 lbs, the module contains more than 7 cubic meters of decades-old human waste that expected to rain over Dubai after the module is destroyed during its entry into the atmosphere.

Experts, however, said that most of the parts of the module could land into the desert but its liquid contents could splatter over the City as strong winds are expected on Tuesday morning.

The Tranquility module is delivered by Italy in 2009.

There are currently six astronauts stationed in ISS and no serious injury has been reported.

NASA told the Dubai government to advice its residents to stay inside their houses on Tuesday morning because they will never know what could hit them – metal or shit.




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