Millennials Plan to Stage Major Rally after Smart, Globe Announces End of Free Data


Hundreds of young people gathered in front of the National Telecommunications Office (NTC) on Friday after Globe and PLDT announced that they would no longer offer free data starting October 15.

Last week, hundreds of online marketers filed a complaint before the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) against Globe and PLDT, and demanded both companies should discontinue offering people free Facebook connection because they said they are paying big amount of money on Facebook advertising only to be viewed by data

Millennials , however, countered and warned both companies that hundreds of thousands of people will be sad if they discontinue the free data.

Globe said it will disable 30% of its data starting October 15, another 30% on October 30, and the remaining 40% will be allocated only to paid advertisers and their target customers.

Free data kills businesses

“I spent more than 15,000 and made no sales. Facebook should return my money. They are showing my ads to people who can’t even buy cellphone loads,” online marketer Sandra Tubigon said.

It is not clear how Smart handle the pressure but it was reported earlier through company press release that will not totally cancel the free data but put a limit in it. No further details were provided.

Both companies are expecting to increase sales once free data is suspended.

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