Call Center Agent Makes More Money Selling Condoms, Sex Toys Inside Her Workplace


The advent of online selling has helped many people making extra money, but this call center agent from Makati is on her path to financial freedom after discovering a very unlikely business – selling condoms and sex toys to her fellow call center agents.

Marie, a single in her early 20s fills her bag every other night with condoms, contraceptives, and even some sex toys before going to work. Her customers? Her fellow call center agents.

“I was selling stuff like cosmetics since I was in college. I’m still doing it until now. Avon, Sarah Lee, Triumph, you name it, I have them all. But this new business (condoms) struck me one night when a male friend joked about selling it while we were inside the smoking room. I asked myself why not. And then everything has changed”, Marie said.

Marie said she is netting around ₱13.500 every payday but her collection every two weeks is more than double.

“My biggest sales were during Valentine’s Day week where I made more than ₱48,000 in just 4 days,” she said.

When asked if her superior tolerated her business, she said not of her superiors knew about her business because she is doing it during break times.

“I opened an online store last July 20 and so far, it is doing well. I am starting to refer my clients to my store so the risk at my workplace can be minimized”, she added.

Although Marie refused to discuss premarital sex issues in BPO industry, she pointed out that she is helping people to have a healthy sex life.

She also added that condoms are still her best selling product followed by sex toys.

I only sell contraceptives when there is an order. I myself do not recommend using it.

Marie, a registered nurse is also planning to quit working from BPO and focus on her online store once she meets her target monthly sales.




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