Watch: Natural Gas Flowing with Spring Water in South Cotabato


Days after President Rodrigo Duterte officially opened the extraction operation of oil and in Alegria, Cebu, another good news is circulating on social media about the newly-discovered natural gas in North Cotabato.

According to the netizen who posted the video, the Liguasan Marsh in North Cotabato is abundant with natural gas.

On the video, a group of villagers is heard discussing the phenomenon while observing the fire burning at the end of the pipe where drinking spring water flows.

The video has gained more than 1 million views since Monday up to the time of this writing.

The vast reservoir of natural gas can be found in Liguasan Marsh, a 220,000 hectares of land which lies along the provinces of North Cotabato and Mindanao.

According to Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) Chairman Nur Misuari, the Americans who estimated the earnings from the natural gas of Liguasan once explored will     amount $580 billion (P30-T)

“Kung i- convert yan sa ating pera, aabot yan ng trillion pesos”, Misuari told GMA News in 2008.

Aside from its rich oil reserved, the marsh is also rich in wildlife, and different species are living in the said place.”

Meanwhile, another news coming from Tangtangan town in South Cotabato, detailed that another cache of natural gas was discovered.





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