Duterte to Fire Six Officials Responsible on Kuwait Incident, Including the Non-Existing Special Envoy on OFW Concerns


A top Malacañang aide on Wednesday hinted that President Rodrigo Duterte is going to fire at least six top government officials who are responsible for the Kuwait incident where the Kuwaiti government deeply condemned.

The official, who asked not to disclose his identity because he is not authorized to give official statement, told a PTV4 reporter that the President was deeply angered by the decision of the said officials and putting his government into shame.

Included among the six officials is the special envoy on OFW concerns whom Duterte had appointed last January amid controversy.

“Although the said person is not accepting salary from the government, being appointed there and doing nothing is a shame. This government should not be used  by that person’s personal interests”, the source said.

The source did not name the said envoy but hinted he was referring to a religious leader appointed by the President earlier this year.

“That person hasn’t done anything for OFWs since he was appointed and the president is looking at other angles to end his term and give chance to other working individual who has the capability to do the job in favor of OFWs”, he said.

Duterte earlier appointed a religious personality for the job but the public hasn’t heard anything about him and his job amid OFW crisis in the Middle East.

The President is expected to make announcement later next week according to the source.





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