PH Human Export Expected To Decline After Ambassador To Kuwait Expelled


Economic experts on Thursday predicts that the Philippines biggest export will suffer seriously after the Kuwaiti government expelled the unethical and unprofessional ambassador sent there by President Rodrigo Duterte.

The Kuwaiti government on Wednesday expelled and declared Philippine Ambassador to Kuwait Renato O. Villa, for insulting the whole nation by kidnapping some Overseas Filipino Workers without the knowledge of local authorities.

Kuwait’s Foreign Ministry on Wednesday announced it has declared Philippine Ambassador Renato Villa persona non-grata and has asked him to return home in a week, the state-run Kuwait News Agency reported.

KUNA said the Foreign Ministry, which is also recalling the Kuwaiti ambassador to the Philippines, said its action against the top Filipino diplomat was in retaliation for the “undiplomatic acts” by Philippine embassy staff, who encouraged Filipino domestic workers to flee from their employers’ households.

The report quoted the ministry’s official statement as rejecting and condemning the Philippine embassy’s ‘flagrant and grave breach of rules and regulations that govern diplomatic action.” It said the Philippines dispatched reinforcements to the embassy, comprising seven teams, “on the pretext of rescuing female housemaids in Kuwait.”

Other Middle Eastern countries who use manpower from the Philippines are afraid that the same thing may happen and they may put hold on their human imports.

Philippines is third biggest human-based exporter in Asia behind Japan and South Korea, but unlike the two, the former used live export.

South Korea exports Kpop, Japan exports anime and manga, while the Philippines exports OFWs.

The deportation of Villa is expected to give Duterte a serious problem according to experts, especially that Kuwait has demanded a personal apology from Mr. Duterte.




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