Starbucks Will Get You Arrested For Not Ordering


Students and socialite-wannabes beware! Starbucks has implemented a new rule that would ban all non-ordering people from entering the store all over the world, including here in the Philippines.

Starbucks is known to serve as meeting place for people from different walks of life, especially people who deals with personal businesses, but seems the tide is changing.

In downtown Philadelphia in US two black men were arrested for doing nothing while waiting for a real estate agent. Both spend more than two hours inside the jail after the store decided not to press charges anymore.

Although no charges has been filed, the embarrassment is worth noting.

So, to those students who skip school and just killing their time using Starbucks free WiFi, and space to chat, your time is over.

A quick stroll visit to at least five stores yesterday from Alabang to Batangas City proved that the new rule is in effect.

No more loitering inside Starbucks and make sure you have a full pocket is you decide to enter those crystal doors!





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