Jinggoy Has No Interest To Run Unless Pork Barrel Is Restored


Knowing that there is nothing more to do in the Senate if the pork barrel is not restored, former Senator Jinggoy Estrada vowed not to seek any government position again unless the package is good, his aide told reporters on Friday.

Estrada, who is known for making a handsome fortune through Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), or casually known as “pork barrel”, made his announcement after Senate President Koko Pimentel refused a boar to enter his already full pigpen.

The former senator, who was convicted of plunder, added that being a senator or a congressman without the said fund is a big waste of time.

“Para ano pa na naging pulitiko ka kung wala yong pinakamahalagang pondo di ba? Without it, the senate and congress will be nothing, and I don’t want to be included in that “nothing”. Ibalik nila ang PDAF at siguradong tatakbo ako”, Estrada said.

Meanwhile, his half brother Senator JV Ejercito, is also struggling to retain his position while forcing himself into a crowded pigpen of Pimentel.

Ejercito is also threatened to be disowned by his father, former president and now Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada, after news that the Senate is about to sign the anti-political dynasty bill.

Erap earlier said he has no problem with the bill because he has no family in politics, and even said he would officially change his name to Jose Velarde just to remain in power.

Four of Estrada’s immediate family members are in politics including himself and the mother of JV, San Juan City Mayor Guia Gomez. Erap said, once he change his name to Jose Velarde, each of them could stay in politics  as they will not be related to each other anymore.

“The anti-dynasty bill will be useless to me”, Estrada boasted.


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