300 Farmers From Marawi Start Planting Rice In Boracay


Racing with time and aiming to meet his target within six months, President Rodrigo Duterte has relocated at least 300 farmers from Marawi to turn the tourist Island into an arable place ideal to farming again.

Last week, he also ordered the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), to point all sewage systems to wetlands so farmers can use the organic and nutrients-filled water in rebuilding the long-gone rice fields.

Angry that Boracay has turned into a “cesspool”, Mr. Duterte said locals should consider the six months without job a punishment for destroying the island.

Each of the 300 farmers from Marawi together with their families, will be given at least 2 hectares of farmlands through the land reform.

Duterte also plan to bring another 200 former members of New People’s Army to take part in the rebuilding projects, giving them free housing and job as reward for surrendering.

Locals on the other hand are in danger of losing their lands to immigrants.




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