Post Office Apologizes For Shipping 10,000 Copies Of Anti-Marcos Book To Dump Site


The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPOST) feels sorry that more than 10,000 copies of book critical to former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr.,  ended up in a Bulacan dump site.

Calling it a “regrettable incident”, PHLPOST apologized on Friday for throwing away almost 300 tons of “Marcos Martial Law: Never Again”,  written by anti-Marcos author and self-declared journalist Raissa Robles.

Cartoons of books started to arrive on Wednesday at Norzagaray, Bulacan dump site, and kept coming throughout Thursday until locals complained that the overwhelming volume of heavy papers started blocking the entrance.

“This thing is destroying our livelihood. We can’t find any plastic and other valuable materials because this crap is covering the entire area”, local scavenger Luis Bartolo told the terrified reporters on Friday.

A PHLPOST official in Quezon City said at least twelve 40-foot containers of books arrived at their warehouse on Monday but no details where the books should be delivered.

Worried that the warehouse will be prone to fire because of large amount of flammable papers, the warehouse man ordered the books to be transferred to other location.

It was later discovered that the trucking company that was tasked to do the logistics dumped the cargo.

“After reading a copy and finding out that the content is full of crap, I told my employer that the books is not worth keeping. My boss agreed with me after I sent him a copy so we decided to throw it away”, the logistic supervisor said.

The PHLPOST however said the company is not responsible for any financial damage because the disposal of the said nasty material was justified.

As of press time, the publisher has yet to give details where the books should have been delivered.

Ninety percent of the books were totally burned and deemed unrecoverable.


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