Intel Exec Doubts Robredo Won’t Pass Any Lie Detector Test


At least one intelligence expert believes Vice President Leni Robredo will fail if she is asked to undergo a polygraph test anytime of the day while holding the position as vice president.

Military specialist and lawyer Col. Diego Garcia, chief of National Intelligence Coordinating Agency (NICA), the country’s version of America’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), said the vice president will definitely fail on lie detector test if she is asked anything about the 2016 general Elections.

Garcia, who oversee the country’s intelligence agency before Robredo even elected as Congresswoman, said he can tell whether the person is telling the truth just based on his/her mood and total facial expression.

“Judging by her deceptive face, I can certainly tell that her mind speaks different. No doubt she will fail on polygraph test if asked about the elections”, Garcia said.

Mrs. Robredo denied many times that her camp and the Liberal Party did not cheat during the last elections, but former Senator Bongbong Marcos accusations supported by evidence made Mrs. Robredo looked like an amateur liar.

Both Robredo and Marcos brace for the possible disastrous outcome of vote recount currently done under the supervision of the Supreme Court via Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET).


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