Duterte Gives NPA Better Retirement Benefits Than SSS Pensioners


Handling his defeat easily to Joma Sison without a fight, President Rodrigo Duterte is giving returning members of the New People’s Army (NPA), better benefits than most of SSS retirees in the Visayas and Mindanao.

Based on the Comprehensive Local Integration Program (CLIP), a returning NPA member is entitled to receive ₱65,000 financial assistance from the Duterte administration.

Under the CLIP program, rebels will receive P50,000 for livelihood assistance and P15,000 for immediate financial assistance.

On the other hand, private employees, especially those who are working in agricultural industry like banana, pineapple, and sugarcane plantations who can barely have their Social Security System (SSS) membership remitted by their employers, receive an average of ₱40,000 when they retire.

Most sugar planters, especially on the island of Negros, stop giving SSS contributions for their employees once they completed the 10-year minimum time to qualify for SSS pension.

The NPA on the other hand, who sabotage these employees, will receive better according to Duterte’s plan.

Hearing that President Duterte prefer to give more money to rebels than the hard-working people, a family of six adults in Valencia, Negros Oriental, is planning to join the rebels and get out after one or two years to be qualified in Duterte’s CLIP.

Young and Old Officials of New People’s Army Rebel

“That’s ₱390,000 if we all join. There is no f*cking way we can earn such big amount of we work our asses here in sugarcane field. Thank you Mr. President for giving us better option. Now many people can join the NPA  and enjoy this great privilege later”, Mario, the father of 4 adults said.


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