Wife Reveals Final Words of Jinggoy Estrada’s Friend Before He Was Stabbed To Death


A  friend of former Senator Jinggoy Estrada was stabbed to death on Tuesday, and his last words touched the hearts of all Filipinos who agree with him.

Jose Velarde Jr. and Jinggoy Estrada met and become friends while the later was detained for three years over his plunder case.

Velarde Jr., an employee of the building that housed Estrada, became his confidant during the three-year ordeal.

“He knows all his secrets. As the only man that the senator was able to talk to, they became close friends,” Judy, Velarde’s wife said.

On Sunday, nearly two days before Velarde was killed, he reportedly visit Estrada.

“He went home late on Sunday night and told me he came to visit Jinggoy. I asked him what they talked about and he said Jinggoy asked him if he will run again or not. He said, he advised the senator not to run anymore as he already made a lot of money during his time in senate.  “Mapera ka naman tama na ang pulitika, magpahinga ka na total milyones na rin naman ang kinita mo sa pagiging senador””, Judy said.

The woman added that Jinggoy told her husband that he needed to win again in order to recover what he lost during his 3 years in detention.

“I told him not to pocket government and people’s money anymore because it’s Duterte’s time now and it will be more dangerous”, this was the last thing he said to the senator according to his wife.

Many people applauded Velarde’s courage to tell the former senator to refrain from corruption after news of his demise broke-out.

At least 3 people were arrested over his killings.

Despite of his best friend’s passing, the former senator seems determined to make more money once again.

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